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New York’s revolving door of justice

How many people took notice last week when Norwich Police Chief Rodney Marsh said at a city council meeting, “we ..

The 2020 Legislative term begins

Today in Albany, lawmakers are meeting for the first day of the New York State 2020 Legislative Session. State senators ..

New Year’s resolutions and predictions

At the stroke of midnight this morning, some people were still awake to say hello and welcome in a new ..

Psst, hey buddy, ya got 6 billion you can spare

A billion of anything is a difficult amount to comprehend. Since today we’re talking about dollars, to help visualize a ..

Impeach him and let's move on to other business

Finally, daytime new broadcasting is void of witness testimony telling us what they heard other people say. All that testimony ..

Let's all commit to Proverbs 12:10

The ultimate act of an animal’s desperation and self-preservation is to gnaw off one’s limb to survive. That image is ..

Two state assets worth protecting

Last week I wrote about the joy of hiking on the well-maintained trails in our nearby state forests. These trails ..

Why don't you go take a hike

Chenango County, it has been claimed, has the greatest concentration of forested state land when compared to the other counties ..

The soldier to civilian ratio has never been wider

At the eleventh hour of November 11, 1918, the guns in Europe fell silent and the church bells tolled to ..

Say I do if you think priests should marry

For over a year I have been helping a family friend get well by driving them to and from the ..

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Why Don't You Go Take A Hike
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The 2020 Legislative Term Begins
The 2020 Legislative term begins

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