Toddster’s Top Five Movies Of 2006

By: Todd Campbell

Happy almost new year, Patrollers! It is hard to believe that 2006 is almost gone. It really has been an awesome year for movies and if you thought this year was something, wait until we get into 2007. Let's talk about 2006. This year's picks range from a little bit of hocus pocus to some mutant action and even the return of not one but two action franchises with all new takes on them. Yours truly, the Toddster, is back with the ever present patrol panel and we have put together our list of this year's top five. These films are already out on DVD or they will be available in the next few months; and here we go.

5. The Santa Clause 3 (The Escape Clause) - Tim Allen returns as the big guy in red in this last installment of the hit franchise. Santa (Allen) is getting ready not only to deliver the toys to all of the good boys and girls but Mrs. Claus (Elizabeth Mitchell) is getting ready to have a baby. When she is feeling a little lonely, Santa heads back home to bring her parents and some friends back to the North Pole so she will feel better when the baby arrives. Also, Jack Frost (Martin Short) is up to his old tricks and is also after Santa's job. Can he safeguard the North Pole from him or will Jack be able to find out the secret of the Escape Clause? This really was a fun film. It will still be in theaters for a little while longer and will be out on DVD by Spring 2007. Allen can be seen in "Zoom" being released on DVD in February.

  4. X-Men: The Last Stand - Don't let the title fool you. Our merry band of mutants will not go down without a fight. We join them as Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Beast (Kelsey Grammar), Storm (Halle Berry), and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) as they put together an all new team as new and old adversaries resurface. Magneto (Ian Mcellean) puts together an army as they become aware of a cure that can remove their powers being released by the Government. This divides the Mutant Community right down the middle. Not to mention Jean Grey (Famke Jannsen) returning from the dead but there is more to her than meets the eye. Can the team win this battle or will this really be their last stand? Director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) is a worthy successor to Bryan Singer who directed the first two films and he really steps up to the plate to deliver a real masterpiece. This is available now on DVD with the other two X-Men films. Jackman also has a solo Wolverine film currently in development.



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