Iconoclastic Observations

By: Shelly Reuben

Iconoclastic observations

General Headquarters

Office of Samuel Reuben

June 17, 1974

Dear Selma, Shelly, Linda & Chucky,

I am writing this letter in quadruples to insure cooperational uniformity of action in response.

Thank you all for the telephone calls on Father’s Day, even tho’ most of the talking was done by dear little mama. By the way Yesterday (Sunday), David and his wife Sandy came home with a painting by some spaced out artist. Covered with glass and protected by four coats of paint on the frame. It was a bargain costing twenty dollars and easily worth two dollars and sixty-five cents. Well, mother fell in a trap when she offered to help take a few coats of paint off the frame. Sandy accepted her help so fast it was phenomenal.

Well! They both slaved at the layers of paint that the frame had until they were exhausted. Finally they succeeded in taking three coats off. At this particular time in space, the painting was worth three dollars and seventeen cents on the flea markets of Paris, France. That ended the day of Sunday, June 16, 1974.

Today, Monday, June 17, 1974 I had previously been notified that I was selected by the Sheriff’s Office of Lake County Circuit Court that I was to serve Jury duty for 3 weeks.

Needless to say this was a heart-warming offer and right up my alley. I dressed warmly because it was a cold morning and required deep thought. I found that the jurors were selected at random for the courtrooms. After the judge had advised the jurors of their duties and how not to avoid them, because there always were a few cock-a-toos who needed further instruction in courtroom procedure, the judge then opened up a Pandora’s box or a can of worms for the jurors to behold by asking if there were any questions.



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