State Recalls Potentially Dangerous Cheese From South New Berlin

By: Zachary Meseck

State recalls potentially dangerous cheese from South New Berlin

NEW BERLIN – The New York State Department of Agriculture recalled raw goat milk cheese made by a small company in South New Berlin after cheese from the company tested positive for a dangerous bacteria known as Listeria.

On Monday the New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball warned consumers not to consume The Maiden’s Creamery “Wild Meadow” raw goat milk cheese made by Mark Harvey due to possible Listeria contamination. To date, no illnesses have been reported to the Department in connection with this product.

"No one has complained about any illnesses, at all." said the creamery owner, Mark Harvey in regards to the state's recall.

He explained that the creamery has been complying 100% with the department of agriculture's requirements, and will always continue to do so.

"I'm recalling all lots of cheese that I have out now, and I'm testing everything to make sure that nothing else has been contaminated," he said.

He added, "Something happened to get that organism into my cheese, and I'm going to narrow it down to best of my ability."

The cheese is packaged in various sizes of sealed flexible plastic packaging, displaying the plant number 36-1315, with a code of 101. The consumer alert affects all packages with this code.



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