District Attorney Discusses The Future Of His Office

By: Zachary Meseck

NORWICH – After 19 years and a half years of serving Chenango County, District Attorney Joseph McBride is scheduled to become a New York State Supreme Court justice, with First Assistant District Attorney Michael Ferrarese set to take the reigns.

After receiving the last of the absentee ballots Monday night, McBride is now officially scheduled to become a New York State Supreme Court Justice on January 1.

"I'm ready to move on to the next step in my career, and I look forward to serving the community – making sure the community's needs in supreme court get handled in a fair and efficient way," said McBride. "I'm going to be assigned to Tompkins County and Chenango County, but I won't officially start until January."

He said it's important that Chenango County keep the supreme court seat, and have someone to fill it from the area. He added that when that time comes, by law the first assistant district attorney becomes acting district attorney for the remainder of the term.

"In professional lives there comes a time to hand the baton to somebody else, and its my pleasure to hand the baton to Mr. Ferrarese," said McBride.

He said Ferrarese has a long history of working with the district attorney's office, an excellent work ethic, a good sense of justice, and he believes the office is going to be fine with Ferrarese in charge regardless of the obstacles.

When asked about the challenges the district attorney's office may face in January, Ferrarese said, "We are well aware of the obstacles that we face, we have to be able to cover 27 town and village courts, a city court, and a county court."

He said there is and will be no shortage of responsibility with cases are still coming in, but currently with the help of McBride and attorney Adam Spence the district attorney's office has things under control.

"I've been with the office and worked directly under Joe for eight years, and I've tried to learn as much as I could from him in that time," said Ferrarese. "He is a great attorney, and has been an excellent mentor."

McBride said looking back on his career as district attorney, there have been numerous cases tried and won by the office, but one in particular has always stood out to him.



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