Second Gang Assault, Robbery Defendant Now Cooperating With Prosecutors

By: Tyler Murphy

NORWICH – Another of the co-defendants in a gang assault, robbery accepted a plea deal Monday that would allow her to plead to a misdemeanor, in exchange Jade T. Orlando agreed to continue cooperating with police.

The four defendants in the case, Orlando, 19, Landon T. Cummings, 21, Hunter J. Speenburgh, 19, and Brenden C. Gager, 18, were indicted with several violent felonies, including two counts of robbery, a gang assault and an assault.

According to Orlando, the defendants lured a 20-year-old victim into a violent ambush, stealing his valuables and leaving him semi-unconscious beneath a car with a fractured eye socket and a number of his teeth knocked out. The crime occurred at 110 Royal Ave in Norwich, at around 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2018.

Cummings and Orlando have taken plea deals and are cooperating with prosecutors. Both testified in court and indicated Gager was the main instigator and perpetrator of the violence.

District Attorney Michael Ferrarese said Orlando had been cooperative since her arrest and had willingly offered a statement to police the day she was apprehended, on Oct. 3, 2018, the day after the crime, offering investigators information about the case.

Orlando told the court she was not initially aware of the plan to rob the victim, saying she had been asked by another co-defendant, Gager, to help him find marijuana to buy, at about 7 p.m., Oct 2, 2018. About three hours before the crime took place.

“[Gager] asked if I could find him two ounces.” She said, before clarifying, “of weed.”

Orlando said she messaged a friend named Pope and he directed her to contact the victim in the case, David Pollock.

She then contacted Pollock by phone and “I asked him to meet me,” she said.

Ferrarese said, “So initially you thought you were arranging a sale between two individuals?”

She said yes.

Chenango County Court Judge Frank Revoir Jr. then asked, “and what was your understanding of the robbery?”

As the victim was coming over to the residence Orlando said Gager then texted her the group’s true intention of robbing the victim.

“The plan - Brenden [Gager] and the other two boys were in my yard waiting,” she said.

Orlando texted Gager that the victim was on his way, it was unclear in court if she did that before or after being informed of the intended robbery.



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