City Of Norwich To Hold Public Hearing To Ban Feeding Feral Cats

By: Grady Thompson

NORWICH – The City of Norwich has proposed fining people who feed feral cats.

City of Norwich residents can voice their opinions about a proposed animal ordinance, which would aim to reduce the city’s feral cat population by fining those who leave out food for the animals, at a public hearing on Tuesday, April 2.

The public hearing will take place at 6:30 p.m. on April 2, prior to the city’s joint committees meeting at One City Court Plaza in Norwich. City taxpayers can weigh in on the proposed ordinance, which would make it a violation to feed any species of wildlife or cats in a manner that creates unclean conditions, results in the accumulation of feces, or attracts other wildlife.

The proposed ordinance comes after months of brainstorming by city officials as they look for ways to mitigate the city’s feral cat population, particularly in wards 4, 5, and 6, which city residents have complained about to council members on several occasions.

If approved, the ordinance would make it a code violation to feed feral cats. The minimum fine would be $50 for the first offense, $100 for the second offense, and $200 for the third and subsequent offenses within a year of the previous violation. For each offense, the violator would be given a week to correct it. In the event penalties reached $1,000, the offender may be issued a court appearance ticket.



Amanda Blade
2 weeks ago
Why in the name of every God that each of those board members believes in is alright to starve another living thing to death? I did not think inflecting torture {that is what starvation is} and death was an option for intelligent civilized people.
Sharon B Schmittberger
3 weeks ago
What the hell is wrong with you people??? Is it the cats fault because they aren't properly cared for? How about having a hearing on spaying or neutering cats instead? You take it out on innocent animals because of human stupidity. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!! Would you allow a child to starve in a street? Get your heads out of your asses and THINK!!!
3 weeks ago
As a cat lover, I think this is the worst solution the city could have come up with. Instead of trying to help ferals, you're going to starve them? And punish those who want to help them? Brilliant idea, Norwich.
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Seriously??? These poor animals did not ask to be put in this situation!!! Just how do those idiots going to think how they would survive?? Maybe the cat haters should find another place to live.....
4 weeks ago
Really who is going to monitor this?Maybe the money would be better spent on the drug problem? Or job Creation? The cats should be the least of the city's problem.
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