Earlville Fire Claims Family Home, Father Injured Fighting Blaze

By: Tyler Murphy

Earlville fire claims family home, father injured fighting blaze The barn at 7013 Earlville Road was reduced to ash and a nearby home suffered massive damage in a fire Friday. (Photos by Tyler Murphy)

EARLVILLE – On Friday evening a fire in the Village of Earlville destroyed a barn and a two-story family home.

Using a garden hose, the homeowner frantically tried to battle the blaze as it spread from his barn to his house, burning his hand in the process.

The home belong to the Cutting family. The home and much of the family’s belongings, and a vehicle, were destroyed or badly damaged. Donations are being accepted at www.gofundme.com/jamie-and-maureen-cutting-fire-fund.

According to Earlville Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief Jamie McGregor, officials received a 911 call at about 5:25 p.m. on Friday reporting a barn had caught fire, and that the structure was connected to a family home at 7013 Earlville Road. The home is located on the corner of the intersection of Earlville Road and East Main Street, and is less than a mile from the Earlville Fire Station. The home is on the county line with Chenango, just inside Madison County.

Over the course of about 15 minutes the home’s owner, Jamie Cutting, futilely battled the fire with a garden hose. As fire engulfed the barn it began creeping toward the home. Then several loud explosions went off inside the blaze, causing an uproar of flames that help spread the fire to the house.

A passing motorist, Shane Carroll of Florida, was traveling by the home with his father, when the fire first started. They were the first two people to run to the home to see if they could help.

“We saw smoke and then we saw the dad outside of the home trying like hell to fight the fire with a hose. He was over by the barn trying to spray it down. There were three sons behind him and a daughter, one of them was on the phone trying to call for help. It was crazy,” said Carroll.

Just as fire crews were arriving, about 15-20 minutes into the fire, a handful of explosions occurred in or near the barn.

“The fire started in the barn. The dad was out there for a while, and then the barn exploded and the whole thing just really started taking off. Not sure what it was. Gas? But they were some pretty big explosions,” he said.

“The fire spread to the house and the dad started trying to save his house, but he couldn’t. By the time the volunteer fire guys arrived and set up everything the side of house was already burning,” he said. “We watched it as it wspread to the house.”



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