Lifelong Guilford Resident Discusses How Wind Project Could Help Family

By: Zachary Meseck

Lifelong Guilford resident discusses how wind project could help family (Zachary Meseck photo)

GUILFORD – In an interview, a farmer and lifelong resident of the Town of Guilford discussed how she was approached about the proposed wind turbine project, why she agreed to lease her land, and how the project could impact her community.

According to the Calpine Corporation, the company that would build the wind turbines, the wind project is called "High Bridge Wind Farm." The farm would be a 100 megawatt, utility-scale energy project that is proposed for eastern Chenango County in the Town of Guilford.

The company said it would build no more than 30 wind turbines. It added that each turbine requires 18 acres of land for the area containing its foundation and the turbines stand at 650 feet tall, or more than 13 times the size of the Chenango County Courthouse.

Guilford Resident Barb Odell was present at the Town of Guilford Board Meeting Wednesday night, and heard board members along with local citizens discussing the future of the wind turbine project.

During the meeting a question and answer session regarding the project was scheduled for 7 p.m. on July 17 at the Guilford Town Garage.

When asked the meeting and the project, Odell said the wind turbine project set to come to Guilford is something her family and other local residents have been researching for years.

“My husband and I have been interested in the turbines for the last four or five year,” said Odell. “But when Calpine came with their first lease, we weren’t really excited about it.”

She said for approximately the last two years, her family and other residents who were considering leasing their land for the project have been researching wind turbines, their environmental impacts, and other pros and cons related to the project.

She added that after doing research and reaching out to an attorney, she decided the project could be very beneficial for not just her, but also her community.

“Anybody that was born and raised in New York State knows and understands exactly what we don’t have, and the Town of Guilford has no genuine tax base,” said Odell. “Because of this project, the town is going to make out like a bandit, and our school is really going to benefit from this as well.

“For our family, this lease is going to enable us to ensure the next two or three generations can continue to farm on our land.”



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