61st Annual Member-Guest Tournament Pairings

By: Meagan Schulz

61st Annual Member-Guest tournament pairings Bryan Smith, 2018 Member-Guest Champion with partner Brian Loomis, chips his ball onto the 7th green during last year’s tournament. Smith and Loomis are playing together this year, looking to defend their title. (Evening Sun Photo, Meagan Schulz)

NORWICH – The 61st Annual Member-Guest tournament begins Thursday morning with an 8 a.m. shotgun start as half of the field will take on the 18-hole, 6,044 yard course. Another shotgun start will take place at 1 p.m. for the other half of the pairings. The second round is on Friday and is the same format. At the end of the 36 holes played, teams will be divided into the eight different flights and will play for a Member-Guest title within their grouping. Final round will start once again at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m on Saturday.

The following are the pairings and starting hole assignments for Thursday and Friday’s rounds:

Thursday a.m.

1A- Alger, Jordan and Krowiak, CJ; Bennett, Josh and Morley, Matt

1B- Ryan, Tom and Leta, Mark; Marker

2- Bennett, Justin and Seiler, Scotty; Carson, Tim and Seiler, Scott

3- Miller, Brent and Drew, Chris; Ryan, Pat and Ryan, Jason

4- Maynard, Chris and Cleveland, Craig; Testani, Sal and Halaquist, Earl

5A- DeMellier, Mark and DeMellier, Rob; Gelsomin, George and Lawrence, Donny

5B- Skillin, Hal and Berry, Bob; Skillin, Lee and Gorski, Jim

6- Edwards, Kurt and Edwards, Casey; Hughes, Stu and Hughes, Derek

7- Martin, David and Dixon, Tom; Martin, Robert and Clark, Timmy

8A- Johnson, Jeff and Mirabito, Denny; Wilson, Doug and Gutosky, Joe jr

8B- Johnson, Ryan and Barney, Nicholas; Walling, Eric and Hagen, Ryan

9- Clarkson, Roger and Tacinelli, Dan; Clintsman, Josh and Rivenburgh, Kevin

10- Kelly, Ryan and Bey, Gregory; Maynard, Brenon and Maynard, Bryant

11A- Yerton, Lance and Bennett, Steve; Matott, Mark and Lathrop, Rich

11B- Zieno, John and O’Brien, Dennis; McCredy, Spencer and Meade, Matt

12- Clark, Doug and Guzzetta, Lou; Walton, John and Nearing, Lynn

13A- Hannan, Brendan and Burton, Brian; Hannan, Aiden and Coggins, Doug

13B- Stratton, Zach and Mancini, Matt; Walsh, Kevin and Chrystie, Mike

14- Flanagan, Mike and Eaton, Andy; Mitchell, John and Flanagan, Tom

15B- Flanagan, Pat and Carney, Chris; Huggins, Steve and Stewart, Kenny

16- McIntyre, Jim and Morse, Mike; Swertfager, John and Shaheen, Lou

17- Loftus, Joe and Hagen, Brad; McCormack, Mike and Layman, Mike

18- Smith, Brett and Fleming, Thad; Myers, Harry and Dolbin, Josh

Thursday p.m.

1A- Burrell, Matt and Dawson, Craig; Smith, Bryan and Loomis, Brian

1B- Beadle, Bruce and OT; Burrell, Eric and Roswick, Rick

2- Bowden, Ron and Bowden, Wayne; Haskins, Steve and Stevens, Daryl

3- Cevasco, Denny and Parker, Bryant; Hagenbuch, Terry and Holmquist, Ed

4- Brunick, Nick and Brunick, Paul; Janitz, Mike and James, Jason

5A- Adsit, Bob and Cappadonia, Dave; Porack, Tom and Harmon, Brian

6- Borfitz, Tim and Borfitz, Josh; deCordova, Trip and Nugent, Kevin

7- Baldwin, Leigh and Islemoe, Kenny; Runyon, Rick and Runyon, Ricky

8- Dumar, Tom and Persons, Dale; Robinson, Jamie and Ross, John

9- Potter, Bill and Boudet, Roger; Wilcox, Todd and Cola, Jeff

10- Diorio, Ted and Derecola, Joe; Hayes, Mike and Boyer, Bryan

11- Rifanburg, Dennis and Rivenburg, Jeff; Shaver, Butch and McEligot, Aaron

12- French, Austin and White, Conor; Lewis, Matt and Watkins, Kyle

13- Eaton, Paul and Benjamin, Ken; Wysor, Jim and Wysor, Tom

15- Burns, Kevin and Crawford, Steve; Tamsett, Cliff and Bertoni, Dominic

16- Dowdall, Pat and Huhtala, Dave; Tenney, Bob and Aikins, Shawn

18- McLaughlin, Mark and Jackson, BJ; Wolford, Corey and Wolford, Andy

Friday a.m.

1- Skillin, Hal and Berry, Bob; DeMellier, Mark and DeMellier, Rob

2- Hannan, Brendan and Burton, Brian; Porack, Tom and Harmon, Brian

3- Hughes, Stu and Hughes, Derek; Martin, Robert and Clark, Timmy

4- French, Austin and White, Conor; Lewis, Matt and Watkins, Kyle

5A- Carson, Tim and Seiler, Scott; Testani, Sal and Halaquist, Earl

5B- Baldwin, Leigh and Islemoe, Kenny; deCordova, Trip and Nugent, Kevin

6- Adsit, Bob and Cappadonia, Dave; Runyon, Rick and Runyon, Ricky

7- Beadle, Bruce and OT; Loftus, Joe and Hagen, Brad

8- Wolford, Corey and Wolford, Andy; Wysor, Jim and Wysor, Tom

9- Potter, Bill and Boudet, Roger; Robinson, Jamie and Ross, John

10- Hannan, Aiden and Coggins, Doug; Clarkson, Roger and Tacinelli, Dan

11- Dowdall, Pat and Huhtala, Dave; Janitz, Mike and James, Jason

12- Borfitz, Tim and Borfitz, Josh; Edwards, Kurt and Edwards, Casey

13- Shaver, Butch and McEligot, Aaron; Walton, John and Nearing, Lynn

14- Flanagan, Mike and Eaton, Andy; Huggins, Steve and Stewart, Kenny

15- Tamsett, Cliff and Bertoni, Dominic; Tenney, Bob and Aikins, Shawn

16- Dumar, Tom and Persons, Dale; Wilcox, Todd and Cola, Jeff

17- Clintsman, Josh and Rivenburgh, Kevin; Cevasco, Denny and Parker, Bryant

18- McCormack, Mike and Layman, Mike; McLaughlin, Mark and Jackson, BJ

Friday p.m.

1A- Rifanburg, Dennis and Rivenburg, Jeff; Walling, Eric and Hagen, Ryan

1B- Skillin, Lee and Gorski, Jim; Maynard, Chris and Cleveland, Craig

2- Bennett, Josh and Morley, Matt; Bennett, Justin and Seiler, Scotty

3- Alger, Jordan and Krowiak, CJ; Stratton, Zach and Mancini, Matt

4- Burrell, Eric and Roswick, Rick; Burns, Kevin and Crawford, Steve

5A- Johnson, Jeff and Mirabito, Denny; Johnson, Ryan and Barney, Nicholas

5B- Martin, David and Dixon, Tom; Wilson, Doug and Gutosky, Joe jr

6- Hayes, Mike and Boyer, Bryan; Marker

7- Gelsomin, George and Lawrence, Donny; Burrell Matt and Dawson, Craig

8A- Brunick, Nick and Brunick, Paul; Smith, Bryan and Loomis, Brian

8B- Kelly, Ryan and Bey, Gregory; Miller, Brent and Drew, Chris

9- Ryan, Tom and Leta, Mark; Ryan, Pat and Ryan Jason

10- Diorio, Ted and Derecola, Joe; Haskins, Steve and Stevens, Daryl

11- McIntyre, Jim and Morse, Mike; Zieno, John and O’Brien, Dennis

12- McCredy, Spencer and Meade, Matt; Yerton, Lance and Bennett, Steve

13- Bowden, Ron and Bowden, Wayne; Swertfager, John and Shaheen, Lou

14- Myers, Harry and Dolbin, Josh; Walsh, Kevin and Chrystie, Mike

15- Hagenbuch, Terry and Holmquist, Ed; Matott, Mark and Lathrop, Rich

16- Clark, Doug and Guzzetta, Lou; Eaton, Paul and Benjamin, Ken

17- Flanagan, Pat and Carney, Chris; Mitchell, John and Flanagan, Tom

18- Smith, Brett and Fleming, Thad; Maynard, Brenon and Maynard, Bryant


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