The Leaning Pole Set

The Leaning Pole Set Submitted Photo

The area where trappers can trap and keep fishers was expanded in 2016 and remains the same this year. Locally, Wildlife Management Units 7M, 7P, and 7R are all included in the Expansion Area. However, to keep fishers during the 6-day season of the Expanded Area trappers must file for special permit from their local NYSDEC Regional Office, for Region 7 that would be the office in Cortland. Successful trappers must a have the pelt or unskinned carcass sealed by a DEC representative. Go to the DEC website or reference the Regulations Guide for the correct process to get pelts sealed.

Fisher trapping can be an easy activity if you do your homework ahead of time. Their diet is broad. They eat some plant based foods such as beechnuts, acorns, and apples but are known for their red squirrel and porcupine predation.

They also eat carrion of large animals like a gut pile of a deer. It is safe to say that fishers are generalists that will eat on what is available. Due to the ability of scent to travel, raw meat is a popular bait for fishers.



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