Guilford Court System Audited For Bookkeeping Errors

By: Shawn Magrath

GUILFORD – The Town of Guilford is taking steps to rectify bookkeeping errors found by the New York State Comptroller in the town's court system.

A recent audit by the comptroller's office found Guilford justices didn't prepare monthly accountabilities or maintain sufficient records to identify outstanding balances. The court has a shortage of $370 and unidentified funds of $8,207.

The comptroller had been investigating whether all money handled by the Guilford Court was identifiable and expended to the right parties.

In a response to the comptroller's office, Guilford Supervisor George Seneck said he and the town board was aware of unaccounted funds since the retirement of a former justice in 2015.

“The town board did conduct yearly audits of the justice court,” Seneck wrote, adding that technology changes in bookkeeping has made things more challenging for internal reviews. “The town board typically asked the justices print a complete set of records for a month at the start of the board audit. Until court computers were recently upgraded, we were unable to view court records on a large screen.”



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