'Black Is A Color,' Upcoming Exhibit Opening At Golden Artist Colors

'Black is a Color,' Upcoming exhibit opening at Golden Artist Colors (Submitted Photo)

NEW BERLIN – The The Sam & Adele Golden Gallery is hosting a professional exhibit October 12 called, 'Black is a Color.'

'Black is a Color' is an exhibition of paintings by Artist Susan Roth to be held at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Saturday, October 12, at 188 Bell Road, New Berlin.

The gallery is located just inside Golden Artists Colors Inc. headquarters and paint factory.


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Susan Roth, a self-described non-objective painter, offers challenging eccentric outer profiles in many of the paintings in the show. The fourteen acrylic paintings exhibited range in date from 1982 through 2019 and trace her unique and individual approach to the shaping of the canvas as it responds to the compositional elements within.  Roth takes full advantage of the range of acrylic paints and mediums and had the opportunity to work closely with Sam Golden to create new products.  Her paintings contain collaged canvas elements as well as the low relief provided by the acrylic paints.


Apropos of the title: 'Black is a Color', Roth has used black in her paintings as a through-line for emphasis on the consideration and emphasis on drawing in her working method. The richness and depth of black pigment provide an assertive way for her plumb the compositional depths.



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