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So you want strong women? Read Edna Ferber

This saga recounts my quest to find a novel that could grab my attention like a hand gripping my throat ..

Hyacinth - A Short Story

A short story by Shelly Reuben June 1, 2018 Hyacinth was 20 years old when ..

The book tour diet

Is it a pleasure, or is it a pain… The launch of a brand new book? Regardless of which (for me it’s ..

Sue Grafton – End of an Alphabet

I usually keep my two careers somewhat divided. As a mystery novelist, I write about crime, motive, and opportunity. As a ..

Gone but not Forgotten – Objects, Idioms and Attitudes

First and foremost, I miss telephones. Real ones with heavy bases we could rest on our laps, key pads we ..

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered – Musings about Love

Forgetting youthful angst of the “When is he (she) going to call me?” variety, let’s get down to basics and ..

The Dreadful Tale of the School House Clock

Recently, I sold the row house where I had lived for over thirty years. I was more than happy about ..

Thus Spake Brave Horatius (and Winston Churchill): Movie Review of The Darkest Hour

It isn’t often that two of my heroes, living centuries apart, can collide magnificently in a darkened movie theater on ..

A Bit about George

Of the thousands of stories my late husband told me that I should have written down (but did not), a ..

Ode to Re-Gifting

I have this pair of mittens (Well, in actual fact, it’s four) That I’ve received as gifts so far And soon, I’ll get ..

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Coconut Hairs In My Mouth
Coconut hairs in my mouth

Get A Grip
Get a grip

When Butterball Turkeys Collide
When Butterball Turkeys Collide


He Who Has A Thousand Friends
He who has a thousand friends

Sue Grafton – End Of An Alphabet
Sue Grafton – End of an Alphabet

The Most Wonderful Father In The World
The Most Wonderful Father in the World

Kicking And Screaming All The Way
Kicking and screaming all the way

My Father’s Koochen – Setting The Stage
My Father’s Koochen – Setting the Stage

Shave And A Haircut ... Two Bits
Shave and a haircut ... two bits

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